The Life Cycle

There is ample evidence that the long term health of the unborn child can be affected by the dietary intake of the mother.  Doctors often prescribe folic acid because research has shown that it reduces birth defects.  It seems highly probable that these defects are due to elevated levels of homocysteine and I have mentioned how folic acid works together with vitamins B6 and B12 to reduce these levels.  Trimethylglycine (TMG) may be even more effective if taken with the above vitamins.  If ever there is a time when you should follow the suggestions I have made regarding purifiedwater and supplementation it would be during pregnancy.


You've heard it said often enough that mother's milk is best.  But have you ever considered continuing breast feeding well beyond the first year?  Cow's milk is by no means as suitable for babies as human milk.  Furthermore, you have no control over what the cow had to eat.


Vitamin supplementation in suitable quantities should begin as soon as the child ceases getting these through the mother's milk.  At the very least I would suggest small quantities of vitamin C in liquid form.  This is the time when tastes and eating habits are formed.  Too many children these days are eating too much fat, salt and sugar because the fast food industry knows that these ingredients sell.


A wider range of supplementation can now be introduced, increasing with age towards adult dosages.  It is particularly important to include calcium supplements during adolescence, especially for girls.  Good eating habits need to be stressed all the more because this is the age when people often eat out and make their own decisions about food.  Some may start to experience depression, but the solution to this lies in nutrients like SAMe rather than drugs and tobacco.


The full protocol which I have suggested can be taken even in early adult years.  In later years many will want to add those supplements which protect against prostate cancer, cope with PMS and menopause, improve cognitive processes and help to slow brain aging.  Products like Deprenyl and many others will be in big demand as more and more people live longer, perhaps staying young to 120 or more.


It's my belief that most people who exercise, eat well and take regular supplementation will have exceptionally long and healthy lives, avoiding the pain of arthritis, cancer and other diseases in their later years.  Yes, death will come but it can be delayed.  Major diseases can be prevented and the aging process slowed.